The God of My Art: A Novel

Longlisted for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award


The God of My Art, an Artist’s Story

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarterfinalist

Helene has a secret talent—one she has kept hidden for years. But a summer fling with Matthew awakens in her an irrepressible longing to create.

Matthew plans to volunteer in a war zone after university to escape a mundane life. For now, he seeks his thrills in rock climbing and in toying with Helene.

She sees in him a potential muse, If only she could risk the artist's path, if only he wasn’t leaving.

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From the Back Cover:

"Helene vividly remembers that night in Prince George when her alcoholic mother threatened to leave. She also cannot forget the day her stepfather sent her away to a group home. Now, years later in Vancouver, she has met a man who can make her forget all that.

The God of My Art is layered with unforgettable scenes of youth, obsessive love, and artistic longing. At the core of this haunting coming-of-age tale are the shifting faces of Helene—teenage runaway, university student, and budding artist. Related in Helene’s engaging voice, this novel chronicles her seminal love affair with Matthew, a globetrotting mountaineer passionate about Nietzsche, and the art he inspires within her.