11 Days to Christmas, Sarah Lane Reading from The God of My Art

This is the second of the 2015 Twelve Blogs of Christmas, each of which will feature a post by a difference author every day until the 24th. Check back daily to meet a wide array of authors, and happy holidays, whatever your traditions!

Ms. Lane hopes you will enjoy listening to this reading from her young adult crossover novel The God of My Art. This chapter is taken from near the end of the book, when twenty-one-year-old Helene visits her mother over the winter holidays.


Author Sarah Lane


Sarah Lane is the author of The God of My Art, the story of a young woman’s journey to become an artist. This YA crossover novel,¬†available on Amazon and Chapters, was a quarter finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Ms. Lane’s short fiction and poetry have also featured in a number of literary magazines, including The Antigonish Review, Roar Magazine, and Quills: Canadian Poetry Magazine.

Ms. Lane’s upcoming young adult novel is a psychological read about a cerebral seventeen-year old who struggles to learn salsa dancing only to be shown up by her doppelg√§nger. (To know when it comes out, make sure to sign up to be notified of Ms. Lane’s new releases).

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  1. / ReplyNickname ( required )
    Cool! Thanks for doing this Sarah. I'm looking forward to reading your new book.
  2. / ReplyGordon A. Long
    Ah, the deep ignorance of being young in northern B. C.! I know it well.

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